Can you find the second face hidden in the picture in less than 10 seconds?

Visual challenges and optical illusions are all the rage on the Web. It is clear that Internet users never get tired of it and even ask for more! Moreover, the more these puzzles are tough and difficult to solve, the more we push our limits to try to shine and surpass the neighbor. As proof, today’s challenge is only for true geniuses in this field. If you think you are one of them, this challenge is for you!

Can you find the hidden face in the picture?

Optical illusion – Source: spm

As much to warn you, this challenge is particularly complex. If you want to make the most of your brain’s potential, this is the exercise for you! Your objective: you must succeed in finding the face of another man on this illustration in less than 10 seconds. But, of course, this hidden side is invisible to the naked eye. As you can see in the picture: from his window, a standing soldier admires a bird perched on a branch. We also note the presence of a table with a carafe and a cup, dilapidated walls and a wooden floor. At first glance, no face jumps out at us. And yet, he is hiding there somewhere!

Since it is an illusion, this image was specially designed to deceive and distract us. Very few Internet users have succeeded in detecting the famous hidden face. But, as long as you have lynx eyes and an exceptionally agile mind, you may have every chance of finding her.

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Don’t be fooled by some misleading settings. Look closely at the image, analyze the smallest detail and pay attention to certain elements that seem trivial to you. With a little patience, determination, and goodwill, you can crack this tricky visual challenge!

Solution of the puzzle

Find the hidden face in this picture is impossible for some, especially in just 10 seconds. Moreover, many Internet users experienced it as a frustration: even when they went well beyond the regulation time, they reluctantly admitted defeat. What about you? Did you have enough flair to locate this face or did you give up on this visual puzzle? If you had the presence of mind to turn the image around, then maybe you managed to capture the trompe-l’oeil. If so, you deserve a round of applause!

If you were left empty-handed and no face appeared in the image, we are going to reveal the mystery behind this optical illusion. Sometimes the solution can be simpler than it seems, but you still have to look at the image with other eyes. In truth, it’s nearly impossible to find the hidden face by looking at the illustration from the front as you see it. To complicate the exercise, the illustrator decided to hide it with very particular care, between the feet of the soldier. But he didn’t stop there: because, to determine that it is indeed a face, you have to turn the image upside down. The solution is just below.

Yes, this was a particularly difficult test to solve. No wonder the majority of people failed to complete this challenge!

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face solution

Optical illusion solution – Source: spm

A certain enthusiasm for optical images

By strategically arranging a series of images and colors or playing with particular lighting, the brain can be tricked into seeing something that is not there. Even in real life, the way you perceive the environment can sometimes be confusing. Don’t we say that appearances are often deceiving? Thus, when the brain perceives a distorted reality, it is faced with a optical illusion. They are usually physical, physiological or cognitive. And if they fascinate many people who spend their time having fun trying to brave all their deceptive effects, they are also very popular in the field of psychoanalysis, because they enlighten specialists on the way in which we perceive the world which surrounds us. surrounded.

Why do we need to stimulate brain cells?

As much as the muscles of the body, it is important to exercise the brain and boost cognitive faculties to better understand everyday situations. In this sense, regularity and constancy are essential to keep your mind alert all the time. The more you train it, the more its abilities improve. Indeed, training your brain to solve all kinds of puzzles or visual challenges will help stimulate memory and better channel thoughts. Thus, we will be better able to resolve certain conflicts in everyday life and better overcome certain obstacles. Even better, you even slow down the aging process of the brain, saving it a few more years. This is why it is useful to exercise it at any age.

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