Avoid placing the fridge in this place, it is a common mistake that considerably increases the electricity bill

One of the electrical appliances that we use the most at home is the refrigerator. Allowing food to be stored and kept cool, it must operate non-stop and continuously. This can lead to significant costs in the long run. But don’t panic, we are going to reveal some tips that will allow you to save energy.

The fridge is one of the most energy-consuming home appliances, resulting in quite expensive electricity bills, most of the time. What if you learned how to properly manage the energy consumption of your fridge so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month? Discover our tips and tricks to optimize the electricity consumption of your refrigerator and save energy!

The main use of a refrigerator is of course to cool and preserve the food stored there. To allow it to be effective and fully fulfill its role, it is strongly recommended to keep it away from any source of heat: radiators, heaters, oven, gas cooker… It is also essential not to expose it to direct light. of the sun. The heat will cause the refrigerator to consume more electricity, thereby producing more cold.

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Woman in front of an open fridge. Source: spm

What is that little part at the back of your fridge that will save you electricity?

It is also strongly advised to keep a space of at least five centimeters at the back of the refrigerator and not to press it completely against the wall. There must be enough space to operate the ventilation and thus avoid overheating of the compressor.The grill at the back of the fridge must be able to remove heat, so consider the clean regularlyso that dust does not accumulate and cause the device to generate unnecessary heat!

How to reduce your electricity consumption and no longer receive large bills, by keeping the door of your refrigerator closed?

It seems logical enough, but to prevent your fridge from consuming electricity unnecessarily, remember to always close the door tightly! By leaving it open too long, the refrigerator will have to draw even more energy to produce cold. By being more careful, you will save energy and reduce your electricity bills!

Open the refrigerator door without closing it

Open the refrigerator door without closing it. Source: spm

One of the major elements, which allowsregulate your energy consumptionis filling your refrigerator. It is essential not to overload it by placing too much food in it, but it is also recommended not to leave it empty. The more food you put in the fridge, the less energy it will need to keep it cold, because there will be less air to cool. But if you put too many products in it and fill it to the brim, the air will no longer be able to circulate. Ideally, two-thirds of the interior space of the refrigerator should be occupied.

How to position your food to lower the energy consumption of your refrigerator?

As we stated previously, you should not overfill your fridge, but also position the foodstuffs that you place there. If you pile them haphazardly on top of each other, the cool air won’t be able to circulate properly, and the fridge won’t work efficiently. It will end up producing more energy to keep your food fresh. It is also necessary to respect the different temperature zones. Inplacing food in the right place in your fridge, you will save a lot of money. Note that the coldest area of ​​your refrigerator is at the bottom, just above the vegetable drawer. You have to put it foods that go bad quickly, namely dairy products, meat and fish.

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Food stored in a refrigerator

Food stored in a refrigerator. Source: spm

How to save energy if your fridge is empty?

If you don’t have enough food to put in your fridge and you panic at the thought of leaving too much empty space, we advise you to put jugs of water or polystyrene to fill the vacant space. You will save energy and you will not fail to thank us! This innocuous tip will save you money over time. If you face this problem on a recurring basis, we recommend that you opt for a small refrigerator, which will obviously allow you to save a lot of electricity and therefore relieve your wallet.

You are now in possession of several tips that will allow you to reduce your energy consumption! We look forward to your thanks upon receipt of your future electricity bills!

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