are you concerned by this new mandatory declaration?

Since the reform of council taxhomeowners face significant numerous legislative changes for all tax matters. Different obligations for main and secondary residences, different situation depending on whether you have a car park or commercial premises… It is sometimes hard to find. We help you to take stock of the taxes requested in 2023.

2023, a year of big tax changes

Initiated since 2018, the housing tax reform is coming to an end. In 2023, no more French people will pay housing tax on his principal residence. Be careful however, the tax is maintained for the second homes. If this definitive suppression is a great upheaval it is not, by far, the only change which will take place in 2023.

Changes are to be expected with regard to income tax. The rate of withholding tax which, although calculated mechanically, can now be changed if there is a change in your life (an increase or loss of income, a marriage, divorce or birth). The government has also planned an advance of tax reductions and credits for 2023, or the creation of a allowance of 5,000 euros. So many changes that should push you to inform yourself to know your rights, but also your duties.

What changes for owners

The housing tax has been removed for main residences, but not for secondary residences. Owners (of one or both) whose total property value is estimated at 34 million euros or more, will have to, in 2023, make a statement in addition to the tax authorities. This will allow the Directorate General of Public Finance (DGFIP) to sort it out.

After this last statement, you will have nothing more to declare concerning your accommodation(s). It will therefore be only in the event of change of situation that the public authorities concerned must be informed. Only owners of residential premises are concerned: “A car park or commercial premises, for example, is not affected”, according to the DGFIP. For the Ministry of the Economy, the declaration will allow “didentify the premises which remain taxable”. The DGFIP estimates the number of premises concerned at 73 million.

Among other changes for 2023, the tax reduction rate of the Pinel device change. This concerns investors who rent new accommodation purchased or built in a collective residential building for a certain period. Taxes are lowered in 2023. Another change from April 1, those who wish to sell their entire detached house or building, rated F or G on the energy performance diagnosis, will have to carry out an energy audit beforehand.

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How to complete this declaration?

You will have to go to the section “My properties” of the site and complete what is called a “declaration of occupation”. You will need to specify who lives in or uses the accommodation, secondary residence and/or premises that you wish to declare. Then, you will have to indicate their period of occupation. “The taxpayers have until June 30 to do it”specifies Bercy.

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