Alcohol: what if a hormone injection could cancel all its effects?

Her name is FGF21: it is a hormone that our liver produces to protect itself from the effects of alcohol, it prevents him from “intoxicating”. What if we used it in higher doses to help the rest of the body fight against the harmful effects of alcohol? American researchers published a study on March 7 in the journal Cell Metabolismexamining the effects of an injection of this hormone to reverse (among other things) hangovers.

A cure for patients poisoned with ethanol?

According to the New York Post article, which uses data from the study, a shot of FGF21 would help get rid of the effects of the drink in half the time of normal. To reach this conclusion, the researchers made mice consume ethanol to the point that they fainted, before administering the hormone to them at different doses.

Those who had received the most were the faster to wake up and become consistent in their movements again. This was true for both females and males, who were “rescued” from their intoxication 50% faster.

The idea is not really to use this hormone one day to simplify life after an excess of normal alcohol… But rather to find a way to treat patients who present to the emergency room after ingesting too much ethanol, in case of intoxication. Further research into the use of FGF21, however, needs to be conducted before it can be used in humans.

Source: FGF21 counteracts alcohol intoxication by activating the noradrenergic nervous system, Cell Metabolism, March 7, 2023.

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