A mother gives birth to twins of different colors

Everyone knows the fascinating and unbreakable bond that is established between twins even before birth. But what about biracial twins whose physical appearance is totally different? Here is the incredible story of a pair of fraternal twins that hit the headlines in the UK.

A mother amazed by her biracial twins

The two twins on the bed – Source: spm

This pair of twins making waves around the world. No one would have imagined that they would be so related since they don’t look alike at all. Not even their own mother, Jade Ball, a 32-year-old British girl. These two adorable babies were born in April 2020. Their particularity? Unlike identical twins who look alike like two drops of water, their physical appearance is totally different. While Klay has very fair skin, blue eyes like his mom, and blonde hair, his brother Cole has dark skin and black eyes, looking more like his Jamaican-born dad. The young mother did not expect such a difference between her twins and those of her companion, Kade. Before giving birth, she was convinced that her twins would resemble their two-year-old brother, Cruz, whose complexion is darker than hers and lighter than that of her companion.

I didn’t expect them to be born so different. It was obvious from the first moment, but as they grow they look even more different. I am amazed by this every day. I think it’s really good that they don’t look alike. It’s even fascinating. They are so different but just as beautiful! However, even though they are physical opposites, if you see them side by side, you will quickly notice that they are brothers.“said the woman who lives with her family in Manchester in the United Kingdom. According to British researchers, it is extremely rare to give birth to biracial twins who are born with different skin colors. Although still unexplained, this genetic diversity is surprising to parents.

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Twins with opposite personalities!

The two twins with their parents

The two twins with their parents – source: spm

Marveling every day at the close relationship between the two twin brothers, Jade also said that they had a very nice bond and that they liked to play with their older brother. However, she insists that their personalities are complete opposites, as is their physical appearance. ” Clay is the boss. He is sure of himself, mischievous and curious about everything. Cole is a bit more reserved, he loves dancing around the house and sitting in my arms. But, both like to attract attention and to be given time. Besides, everyone is fascinated by them. I’m so happy they’re so special. I couldn’t imagine them otherwise. “says the mother Twins. ” No one chooses their skin color before coming into the world. It’s only a coincidence if we are born black or white “, she concludes.

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The twins and their mother

The twins and their mother – Source: spm

Exposed to the media since birth, the twins eventually got used to the flashes of cameras. So much so that they love having their picture taken. From then on, they now pose for magazines and fashion brands. Real little budding models who continue to fascinate everyone around them!

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