A goose is hiding in the picture: can you find it?

We are constantly dealing with optical illusions in our daily lives, they often even go unnoticed, but they are very present in our environment. They are also revealed in the form of playful visual challenges to entertain us and above all to test our intelligence. Want to test your IQ and your visual acuity? Try to solve the mystery of the day!

You have exactly 15 seconds to try to find the hidden goose in this black and white illustration. If you think you have hawk eyes, you’ll pass this challenge hands down!

Can you find the hidden goose in just 15 seconds?

Optical illusion – Source: spm

This new visual challenge quickly went viral on social media. But only the smartest and most nimble-minded can rise to this challenge. It requires careful attention and very keen vision to find the hidden goose in the picture. And the exercise is far from simple, since the illustration has many elements. Will you be able to be fast and responsive so as not to exceed the allotted time?

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But above all, keep in mind that this is a optical illusion whose mission is to deceive the brain. Although the shapes are static, your senses will be confused and you may see things that are not there. Don’t be fooled by the trompe l’oeil effect and try to locate the hidden animal by not missing any details. Increase your cognitive faculties to solve the mystery.

Visual challenge solution

Some challenges are more lenient than others, leaving you free to take your time to solve the proposed puzzle. But, more often than not, when there is a deadline imposed, it is above all to stimulate your competitive spirit and make the exercise more difficult. In this case, the challenge of the day had to be solved in less than 15 seconds. If you have an eye for detail and keen eyes, bet you quickly unearthed the goose in question. In which case, we congratulate you on your lively and reactive intelligence.

You’re almost there, but you need a little more time? Or maybe you need a hint? Go, little nudge: view the image again, but this time, focus more on the side of the little girl on the right of the illustration. Normally, if you pay very close attention, you should be close to the target. But if despite everything, you still can’t locate the famous goose, the solution is just below. The goose was hidden in the girl’s hair. Indeed, with such confusion, it was very difficult to locate her.

A goose hides in picture 3

Optical illusion solution – Source: spm

What is the optical illusion?

An optical illusion is an image that appears in our brain as a result of the attribution of different details and objects. There are several types of optical illusions: visual puzzle, geometric illusions, illusions of size, perspective and colors. You probably know some of them from eye test pictures. Most visual perception illusions are based on the functioning of the eye, the contradiction of different signals and on certain expectations and experiences of our visual system (eye, retina, optic nerve, parts of the brain).

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The multiple benefits of visual challenges

Many scientists believe that certain optical illusions are triggered when information taken in by our eyes conflicts with how our brain interprets that information. Since he cannot make sense of what the eyes see, he then falls back on his previous experience, turning the unknown into something familiar.

You should know that these visual testing bring many benefits to our minds, from improving our intellectual performance to reducing the risk of cognitive deterioration. In addition to being fun and playful, optical illusions further help us demonstrate the intimate connection between vision and brain function. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more people are happily enjoying this hobby anytime and anywhere thanks to Smartphones.

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