9 tasty and easy recipes to sublimate onions

The onion belongs to the alliaceae family, like garlicthe shallot or even the leek. It has a strong antioxidant power, and it is also very interesting for maintaining cardiovascular health.

However, it is advisable to limit its consumption in the event of irritable bowel syndromebecause this plant produces gases during its digestion.

The onion is a vegetable that lends itself to multiple preparations. Its taste varies according to the varieties:

The yellow onion is relatively strong, and it is particularly suitable for stews. It also brings pep to preparations, and in particular to salads, when raw.

  • I’Red onion has a sweet flavor. It is particularly appreciated when eaten raw, marinated, or stewed.
  • I’white onion, or new onionis particularly acclaimed for its mild flavor in summer salads.
  • If the onion is often used as a condiment, it can be eaten as the main vegetable.

Here are 9 recipes that feature onions.

Pickled red onion © Shutterstock / Barbro Bergfeldt
Red onion chutney © Shutterstock / sweet marshmallow

Caramelized baked onions © Shutterstock / Edward Fielding
Stuffed onions © Shutterstock / gkrphoto
Roast pork with onions in a casserole © Shutterstock / Maria Komar
Spring onion omelette © Shutterstock
Pissaladière © Shutterstock / page frederique
Onion soup © Shutterstock
Red onion tarte tatin © Shutterstock / Gayane

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