9 Nonverbal Body Messages That Can Betray Emotions

” There human communication covers a very wide range of signs, both verbal (words) and non-verbal”, introduces Élodie Mielczareck, semiolinguist, specialized in the analysis of verbal (semantic) and non-verbal (body language) language.*

Much of human communication takes place through non-verbal messagesthat’s to say gestures, facial expressions, and many other signals… Most often we don’t know how to decipher this body language. However, it is useful to know how to decode this body language.

“It allows us to determine intentions and a state of mind. Decipher the gestures and words of his interlocutor makes it possible to bring out what is not always said, assumed or even made aware by the latter”, explains the semiolinguist. This allows us to know if the person opposite is sincere or if he is trying to deceive us or to lie to us ! “Decoding body language improves relational quality and better negotiation skills “, underlines Élodie Mielczareck.

There are also signs to decipher in verbal language. “More than the words themselves, it is sometimes more interesting to decipher how the words are arranged together. Moreover, the way in which you use what are called the words “tools” (articles, pronouns, determiners, etc.), in a totally unconscious way, bears your verbal signature,” explains the semiolinguist. This alerts us to the digitization of human relations. “This is not trivial. It cuts us off from what constitutes the “human warmth” of communication. Without touching, without voice, sometimes without looking, it is difficult to guess the intentions of others”.

* Author of what Words and gestures say about others… (especially idiots), The book mail, Editions Guy Trédaniel, March 2023.

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