6 tips to apply daily to maintain your brain

This March 13, 2023 starts the Brain Week 2023. Coordinated by the Society for Neurosciences, Brain Week has taken place every year since 1999 in March and aims to raise public awareness ofimportance of brain research. There Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer is a partner of the initiative.

All the events organized for this information week can be consulted on the website

On this occasion, we offer advice to maintain your brain and especially your memory.

Because memory works like a muscle: the more you work on it, the more you develop it. Here are 3 exercises as simple as they are effective for developing memory capacities, developed by sophrologist Carole Serrat.

Visualization of a moment of happiness

The brain needs positive thoughts and happy memories to function well and form new neural connections.

  • We close our eyes and remember a scene from our life that made us happy: vacation, personal or professional success, moment of happiness…
  • We soak up the pleasant sensations that this episode of our life has given us. We find the people who surrounded us, the sounds, the smells, the colors…
  • See you again: self-confident and confident, in harmony with your environment…
  • We relive this moment intensely, plunging back into it as if the event was taking place here and now.
  • We let ourselves be carried away by these “reviving” impressions. Visualizing these moments from the past has a very beneficial effect on memory.e.

Concentration through relaxation

Ten minutes of relaxation a day is enough to promote the proper functioning of memory.

  • We sit down or lie down comfortably on a mattress, and we gently close our eyes.
  • Start by relaxing your toes and feet, then your ankles. We feel the energy rising from the ground… from the feet to the knees, and which relaxes the legs… We relax the thighs, then we relax all the muscles of the hips, belly, bust… progressing to the top of the head.
  • Once you are well relaxed, you memorize an excerpt from a poem, an arithmetic formula, a telephone number, passwords…
  • To properly imprint this information in your mind, you perform a “memory anchor” by contracting all the muscles of your body for 3 seconds and then releasing.

meditation around an object

Half an hour a day of meditation improves memory and offers us all its benefits: calm, inner peace, creativity. It consists in concentrating on an object: a pebble, a flower, the flame of a candle or any other object provided that it is not too complex.

  • We first fix our attention on the object we have chosen. The mind focuses on its external appearance: its shape, its texture, its color…
  • We close our eyes and visualize the object we have just contemplated: we try to mentally recreate it down to the smallest detail.
  • Finally, we open our eyes and look again at the object.
  • We start again two or three times in a row.

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