4 ways to use the oven rack

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You’ve always been content to place your dishes on the rack and set the oven to the right temperature for cooking. Are you curious about how to use your grid differently? So read on!

Oven racks. Source: spm

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Now let’s move on to unexpected uses for your oven rack! After discovering what you can do with it, you’ll never look at your device the same way again! Oven racks aren’t just supports for your baking sheets or baking pans. pasta. Hold on tight, here’s what they can be used for:

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  1. Replace the toaster

You don't have a toaster Toast your bread in the oven

Don’t have a toaster? Toast your bread in the oven. Source: spm

Yes, it’s crazy, isn’t it? Take some sandwich bread, place a baking sheet a little lower than the grid and cover it with parchment paper then insert your slices of bread between the spaces of the grid. The slices of bread should be held vertically. Turn on the oven and take out, 20 minutes later, real well-grilled toast to enjoy hot!

Insert your sandwich bread between the bars of the oven rack and get crispy bread

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Insert your sandwich bread between the bars of the oven rack and get crispy bread. Source: spm

  1. Fry your chicken thighs

To cook your chicken without having to fry it, here is a very simple technique. Hang your thighs between the spaces of the grids after having marinated them with your favorite spices!

Remember to place a baking sheet underneath! How about stuffed with side potatoes or other vegetables that soak up the fat dripping from the thighs, and become twice as tasty when cooked!

Your chicken thighs cook and brown perfectly on all sides final

Your chicken thighs cook and brown perfectly on all sides. Source: spm

  1. Homemade shish kebab

Good news ! Your Sunday barbecue party no longer has to be canceled on rainy days! Your oven can grill anything you want! Potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and meat skewers! Place your vegetables and skewers directly on the rack, place a baking sheet underneath to drain the vegetable juices and fat from the meat and turn on your oven! You can then proudly serve your delicious kebab to your guests!

  1. Prepare Mexican tacos

Want to try new recipes? This is the perfect opportunity! Imagine that your oven can help you prepare homemade tacos, or grill the pancake or the corn tortilla to be more precise! Buy fajita patties and cut them into small circles using a bowl.

Use a bowl to cut the galette and give it the desired size

Use a bowl to cut the patty into the desired size. Source: spm

Hang your galette on the oven rack (between two spaces of the rack, vertically), and let it cook for 15 minutes on average.

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Fold your galette and place it on the grid

Fold your galette and place it on the rack. Source: spm

Once the cooking is done, you will have a solid base to fill with your tasty Mexican garnish: fried ground meat, onions, tomatoes, bell pepper (spicy or sweet), corn and cheese for example! The choice is yours depending on your tastes!

The shape of the grilled taco, to garnish of your choice

The shape of the grilled taco, to garnish of your choice. Source: spm

Have you ever cooked your meat directly on the grill? If the answer is no, we show you how to roast meat perfectly and evenly! According Meathead Goldwynauthor of book “The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling”, it makes more sense to opt for the oven rack to cook tasty meat if you don’t have a barbecue, but not just any old how…Here is the method he propose :

  • Place two oven racks about 5 cm high from each other, in the upper part of the appliance;
  • Line with aluminum foil on the lower grill and place a frying pan with your leftover meat and bones, your herbs, your wine or your broth (It is on the frying pan that the meat drips);
  • Put your chicken, roast beef, pork, chop or other well-oiled meat on the top rack;
  • Start cooking!

The circulation of heat all around the meat, thanks to the steam from the pan, will allow it to cook on all sides! In fact, you will never need to return it.
The cooking juices you will get in the pan will allow you to make a good sauce to accompany your super juicy meat! Sounds good, doesn’t it!

If you are afraid that the meat does not stick to the grateswhich will not happen, because the latter comes off once well cooked, you can wrap the bars of your support with aluminum foil, making sure that the areas between the bars will still allow the necessary heat to pass through. cooking.

  • At what temperature should meat be cooked on the oven grill?

To broil your meat in the oven, place your rack as close to the heating element as possible, leaving little space in between. Opt for a temperature varying between 200 and 250°C, for 45 minutes, especially if your meat is thick and needs a high internal temperature to cook well, such as chicken breasts for example. Then lower the temperature until you reach the desired cooking mode. This setting will give them nice crispy skin without burning them.

Can you cook 2 dishes in one oven?

The answer is yes ! Most people don’t know if they can cook two dishes at once using their oven, but that’s what it does! If the oven has multiple racks and it’s programmed to maintain the internal temperature set at whatever you’ve selected, there’s a reason! It just consumes more energy when two cold dishes are inserted in it, but the cooking is done successfully!
Dishes will generally take 15% longer to cook, so be sure to adjust the meal time accordingly. To ensure even cooking, preheat the oven before inserting them and rotate them halfway through cooking.

At what height should the oven rack be placed for the proper cooking of dishes?

Know that the right choice of the height of the oven rack will help you obtain better cooking for your dishes. The temperature and movement of hot air differs in each part of the oven. The proximity of the heat source also comes into play… It all depends on the desired cooking method! Some dishes will cook better on the top, others in the middle or on the bottom.

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  • Rack position in the oven

The central oven rack is suitable for a number of dishes and is a safe bet for baking your cakes or your bread. The lower zone, on the other hand, is perfect for roasting your meat and cooking your pizzas. To finish, the upper portion best suited for grilling. The user manual for your appliance usually contains an informative section to find out more about the ideal rack locations, depending on your oven model.

That’s all, now you know that your oven has many uses thanks to its grids and that it is even more essential than you thought! Experiment with the tricks above and see the results for yourself! Bon appetit in advance!

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