100% Health: how does the reform benefit the French?

In 2019, 8% of French people gave up glasses because of their price, 11% hearing aids and 12 dental care, according to figures from theEuropean Health Survey (EHIS). Faced with excessively high prices which constitute a barrier to access to care, the 100% health reform was launched in 2019 and its last measures were applied on January 1, 2021.

Its goal ? To offer a set of high-performance and aesthetic treatments and equipment “to zero remains dependent” to French people benefiting from a responsible health supplements (95% of contracts sold) in three areas:opticalTHE dental and theaudiology. Everyone then has the option of using it or not.

Eight out of 10 French people had a lower guarantee

How did the French respond to this reform? For the first time, a study by the DREES (Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics Department) published on March 9, 2023 showed that the 100% Health benefited the French relatively well. Before the reform, the remainder could be particularly important in household expenses, encouraging them not to take good care of themselves: on average 250 extra for dental prostheses, 1,600 euros for hearing aids, 100 euros for a pair of glasses for single lenses and 250 for a pair of glasses with complex lenses.

Overall, more than eight out of 10 beneficiaries had a lower guarantee than 100% Health before 2019. Those who had superior guarantees were still able to benefit from the reform, via the selling price limits, one of the levers of the reform with the revaluation of the base for reimbursement of Social Security and the obligation for complementary contracts responsible for taking charge of all the rest to be paid after intervention by the compulsory health insurance. “The reform can therefore have an effect on all consumers”indicates a press release from the DREES.

For which products do consumers use 100% Health?

For the year 2021, the use was much more marked for audiology (57%) and dental (39%) products than in optics (7% for lenses and 5% for frames). 100% Health therefore stands out as a solution to facilitate access to care for 67% of the hearing impaired are not equipped and the 17% who give up all dental care in France, according to the Ministry of Health.

High buy-in to the reform, especially due to much lower reimbursement guarantees in dental and audiology before the 2019 reform.”Conversely, the penetration rate is much lower in optics, where almost all of the beneficiaries had a guarantee greater than both the selling price and the level of reimbursement imposed by 100% health.ends the press release.

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