10 nutrition tips to have strong and resistant nails

Of the soft brittle or cracked nails say a lot about our state of health. They can reveal deficiencies in certain vitamins or minerals. Or sometimes more simply a lack of precautions.

Care and good reflexes to protect the nails

Strengthening the nails is first of all protecting them. And for each risky situation or problem, There is a solution. When doing the dishes, DIY or gardening, the gloves are rigorous. Some professions can particularly “suffer” from nails that are constantly immersed in water. A habit that dries them out, splits them and makes them softer. First of all the hairdressers. Protection with thin gloves will protect them.

We must also do be careful when filing them. The back and forth movements are to be avoided, it is rather necessary to go from the edge towards the center delicately by holding the file perpendicular to the nail. And use emery files rather than glass or metal. You can also perform massages around the nail with oils like castor oil.

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Food, the key to healthy nails

But another element comes into play to keep nails strong: food. Certain vitamins and minerals present in food will strengthen the nails. They are mainly THE vitamins B6 And B9“, says Florence Foucaut, dietitian in Paris. A lack of vitamins of the B group is in fact considerably detrimental to the beauty of the nails.

“To avoid this lack, we can bet on whole grains, brewer’s yeast, or even green plants such as salads, green beans or broccoli”, says the specialist.

More specifically, which vitamins or minerals absolutely must be consumed regularly? Answers in pictures.

Thanks to Florence Foucaut, dietitian nutritionist in Paris.

Magnesium © Shutterstock / Anna Puzatykh
Vitamin B9 © Shutterstock / blondiecheff

Vitamin B12 © Getty Images/iStockphoto
Selenium © Shutterstock
Vitamin B6 © Getty Images/iStockphoto
Vitamin B8 © Shutterstock / Yancho Zapryanov
Zinc © Shutterstock / mama_mia
Copper © Shutterstock / Amarita
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Vitamin C © Shutterstock / teleginatania

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